Vijay Deverakonda On His First Tamil Film

Arjun Reddy star Vijay Deverakonda’s poster for his first Tamil film Nota has created a bit of a storm as it shows the actor showing the middle finger with the voter’s ink on it.

Very pertinent and opportune,  considering many of the South Indian actors are heading towards politics.

Vijay explains the poster image,  “That’s my way to say, If you love me or you don’t, whether you want me to or not I am Coming.For the character that  I play, that’s his way to say He doesn’t give a hoot about the system. He only cares about the people.The film is titled Nota in both Tamil and  Telugu.”

Says  Vijay, “I’ve been receiving so much attention, respect and call to action in a Tamil film by audience there. They were watching my Telugu films in a big way, so I decided to go bilingual. I want to do it right.”

  Vijay has promised his  Tamil films that he will speak his own  Tamil lines. “Yes, I’ve promised them that they’ll see my performance in my voice. So I am learning the language on the go and shooting. Since the script was locked, I had two weeks to work on it as well before we started.The languages have a few similarities. Helps me latch on to some words and build from there.”

Nota, says  Vijay will be a wake-up call for the nation. “It will be like a reality check.There Two other Telugu films coming in-between. My next Telugu film Taxiwala is releasing on May 18.

The last year has been rewarding. I hope  this year  will be the same.”

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