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Vijay Deverakonda’s Plays An MMA Expert



Vijay Deverakonda

 In Puri Jagannath’s Hindi-Telugu  Fighter  which will launch Vijay Deverakonda  into Hindi cinema   the  Telugu superstar plays an action hero for  the first time.

 A  source informs that  Vijay will be seen as a Mixed Martial Arts exponent.

“The  kind of action we  will see  him do in Fighter has never been seen before in cinema   of any language and certainly not performed  by Vijay who has so far done  mostly  romantic roles. It is the story   of  Vijay and his MMA coach played by  Ronit Roy,” informs  a source.

Vijay  Deverakonda had gotten  into a particular physical shape for the very specially stunt scenes  in Fighter.

“He’s trying hard  not to lose that bodyline.But it’s hard, with his mother’s  cooking constantly challenging  Vijay’s  self-restrain.It’s hard to  stay slim when you’re  locked down  with your mother,” says a  friend  of  Vjay .

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