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Vijay Deverekonda Flies To Mumbai For Fighter Looks Test



Vijay Deverakonda is  going  places. Mumbai, to be exact. He  is  currently  in  the city as  Karan Johar’s  guest of honour, trying out his  new look for his  next film Fighter which  Karan will co-produce  with  Puri Jagannath and Charmee Kaur.

Fighter will be  shot in  Telugu and  Hindi.

Vijay who is looking at a complete image makeover  for his  Bollywood debut  flew to Mumbai to try out his  special look for  Fighter.  Karan  Johar  personally supervised Vijay’s looks test.

Says a  source  clued  into the development, “One  of  Bollywood’s  most wanted hair stylists  Hakim Aalim  will be  styling  Vijay Deverakonda’s  look. His entire clothes  get-up and  hair would be completely different  from what he has  done so far in any  film. This is going to  Vijay’s Bollywood  debut and  Karan  Johar wants  it to be as  special as  possible.”

Karan Johar took a shine to  Deverekonda’s talent  and bought the  Hindi rights  of the  Telugu superstar’s last  film Dear Comrade. However when that  bombed  Karan instead decided to co-producer Fighter which will now be  Vijay’s launch in  Bollywood.

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