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Vijay Fans Upset With the  KGF Hijack  Of Theatres




The KGF 2  mania  has hit movie theatres all across India. The KGF distributors have booked  theatres en masse, even in Tamil Nadu which is  home-ground for  superstar Vijay.This monopolistic  manoeuvre has not gone down well  with  Vijay’s fans who  feel there is  a patent attempt to  eclipse their  idol’s new release  Beast in Tamil(Raw in Hindi) through a quantitative  blitzkrieg  of  KGF   prints.

 While  in  the  rest of the country KGF Part  2  most decidedly has the  upper hand in Tamil  Nadu   Vijay’s  Beast  is the  audiences’ first  choice.

“But how  will they see Beast when in every part of Tamil Nadu  the larger number of screens have gone to  KGF,” a major young star  of Tamil cinema popular for his  action scenes, tells  me, adding that this tendency to  overwhelm the  local Tamil content of the legendary  superstar can  backfire on KGF2.

“God forbid,  if Vijay’s fans  decide to take to the streets. Everyone wants to see Part 2 of  KGF. But in Tamil Nadu  the  first choice is Vijay Sir  and his  film Beast,” the  Tamil star  reveals.

 The  makers of Beast are also hoping to conquer   the Hindi market with the Hindi version of Beast entitled Raw. Both versions are being released on Wednesday, a day ahead  of   KGF 2’s release on Thursday.

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