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Vijay Sethupathi: “Aamir Khan Is The Sweetest Kindest Gentleman…My Weight Had Nothing To Do With It!”



Vijay Sethupathi: “Aamir Khan Is The Sweetest Kindest Gentleman…My Weight Had Nothing To Do With It!” 12

 There are reports all over the entertainment portals claiming that Tamil superstar Vijay Sethupathihad to opt out  of  the Aamir Khan project  Lal  Singh  Chaddha because he  couldn’t lose weight.

Dubbing for his  forthcoming film  Tuglaq  Durbar, Vijay takes time  off to clear  the air. “First  of all I’ve always had  the highest regard for Aamir Sir  as an actor. His selection of roles always inspired me to attempt something  different every time. When I got to know him personally  for Lal  Singh Chadha  I was even more  impressed  by his humility and knowledge  of cinema. Just being with him is  a learning  experience.”

 Vijay reveals how the  role was offered  to him. “Aamir Sir personally offered  me the role. He then flew down to a small town in Tamil Nadu where I was shooting to narrate the script to me. For some reason the director Advait Chandan couldn’t come. Aamir  Sir came alone, narrated the script and stayed overnight in  that town and left the next morning. Such a big superstar  and no airs. And he  is a marvelous storyteller. The way he narrated the story was  mesmerizing. I immediately said yes.”

 Then  what  happened? “Then Covid happened, Sir. It ransacked  all  our plans. After  the lockdown I had five  Telugu  projects in various  stages of  production to complete . I just couldn’t accommodate  Lal  Singh Chadha in  my schedule.”

Vijay has nothing but  gratitude for Aamir’s kindness. “When  I  went to  Mumbai , Aamir Sir invited me to his home.He personally gave  instructions to my driver on how  to reach hims home  and was the perfect  host,  not just once but twice. I can never forget his  kindness and his  knowledge of cinema. It would be an honour and a pleasure to work with him sometime in  the near future.”

As  for  being  asked to quit the project for his weight Vijay gives a classic reply.  “I am very comfortable  with my body and my mind. Whichever project I go into, they go with me.”

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