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Vijay’s Deleted Scene From Master Is An Internet Sensation



Vijay’s Deleted Scene From Master Is An Internet Sensation 5

While  Bollywood and its digital  counterpart has  vowed  to stay away from politics, the Southern cinema  and its audience  just can’t get enough of it.

No clue  why  this  hardhitting monologue  was  edited  of out  the Tamil hit Master.  But Tamil  superstar Vijay  haranguing  his  supporters and opponents in a college-campus monologue on  sexual harassment has become a rage. In  the  sequence  Vijay  is seen sternly rebuking two  student harassers whom he has just chased down  to the airport and  brought  back to the college. Vijay then proceeds  to  address the  issue of  women’s safety with  impassioned  heat.

When someone observes that girls are to be blamed for wearing revealing clothes  Vijay points  out that even diapers are  not exempted from lustful eyes, meaning even  little  children  are raped.It’s  a rabblerousing  monologue for Vijay’s fans.

Why was  it eliminated  from the  film? I  reached out the director who didn’t respond.However an actor  from  Master revealed, “The  sequence being cut  out had nothing to do with the  film’s length. It’s just that women’s safety is  a sensitive issue  in Tamil Nadu and Vijay dudn’t want to come across as mocking the  State government.”

The Master baiter Vijay known to  poke ridicule at his opponents  would rather stay apolitical at this stage  of his career.

 Quite unlike Ravi Tejaa in the other South India Makarsankranti hit Krack who openly holds forth   on political  issues. In one  hilariously topical sequence in Krack  Ravi Tejaa uses a baton on an agitator  protesting in front of a movie theatre for screening  a film that allegedly insults his caste.

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Not only does Ravi Tejaa beat the  protestor black and blue , all the while taunting him about his ‘caste conscioiusness’  the cop also threatens to use the baton  on the protestor in very painful orifices.