Vikas Bahl’s Name To Be Deleted From Credits Of Super 30

Vikas Bahl who finds himself in the midst of a sex scandal may find his name out of the one film that he’s directing at the moment.

If reliable sources are to be believed, the film Super 30 produced by the now-dissolved company Phantom, can no longer be scrapped.

“There is too much stake, too many careers including Hrithik Roshan. Phantom and Reliance Entertainment are the joint producers so Phantom alone cannot take a call. Super 30 is not just about Vikas Bahl. They can’t demolish a dream just because one of the components has gone bad. They will instead amputate the bad part. Yes, they are  going to delete his name from the credits of Super 30.”

For those who came in late, Super 30 is a film inspired by the amazing work of Bihari mathematician, Anand Kumar. Hrithik plays Anand Kumar. Vikas Bahl was signed to direct the film in place of the original director Anurag Basu.

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