Vikramaditya Motwane Was In The Dark About Bahl, Says Sources

Anurag Kashyap can plead his helplessness and innocence  as much as he  likes in the social media. But the fact is, Vikas Bahl’s  co-partners at Phantom , Madhu Mantena and Anurag Kashyap were  fully aware  of Bahl’s dirty doings .

Only  one of  the  partners  at Phantom, Vikramaditya Motwane  was unaware  of  the sordid goings-on. According to  sourcesMotwane  is “horrified beyond the imagination” to know all this was  going on right  under his nose.He cannot come  out in the open with his disgust and shock,as  it would  show him  to be an opportunist.

But reliable sources  affirm that  Motwane was  never a  part of  the Kashyap-Bahl-Mantena  boys’ club at Phantom.

“Motwane  focused  on doing his work, making his films and spending his free time with his wife. He hardly ever partied  with his partners. Motwane has confessed to friends that he feels betrayed  by the  partnership,” says  the source.

While the  future of   the production company Phantom is sealed, Motwane may not get as seriously affected  by the Bahlfactor as  the  other  business partners .

“Motwane’s  innocence is not being  questioned by those who see Phantom as an organization  created  to have  adult fun. In fact the second season of Netflix’s  highly successful series Sacred Games which was co-directed  by Anurag Kashyap andVikramditya Motwane  may  be directed  Motwane alone,” says  the source.

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