Vinod Khanna’s Last Film With Hema  Malini?


Ill health does not allow yesteryears’  superstar Vinod Khanna the freedom to do any more films .His last appearance would probably be in this week’s release Ek Thi Rani Aisi Bhi , the bio-pic on  the Rajmata Of Gwalior with Hema Malini in the title role.

Vinod Khanna plays Hema’s husband in the film.

Says the actress-parliamentarian fondly, “We’ve done a lot of films together where he played both my hero and the villain.  He was the antagonist in Pattahar Aur Payal and Haath Ki Safaai,two very successful films featuring both of  us in the 1970s. Later he played my husband in important films like Aruna Raje’s Rihaee and Gulzar’s Meera.And now he plays my husband Maharaja Jivaji Rao Scindia in  Ek Rani Aisi Bhi.”

Hema is specially fond of Gulzar’s Meera where she got to play one of her favourite characters. “I was always a Krishna bhakt.And getting to do Mirabai was a dream come true. Now there is the Rajmata Scindia. Both are women who abdicate their life of royalty to work for the poor and the underprivileged. In both Vinod Khanna plays my supportive royal husband.”

Hema  regrets the fact that her handsome co-star is not able to join her for the release of their new film together. “We had a special screening this week in Delhi. Unfortunately Vinod Khanna couldn’t be with us. I wish he would get well soon.”

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