Vinta Nanda On Alok Nath’s Demand For An Apology

After having gone  public with her  horrific account of actor  Alok Nath sexual misconduct the least  Vinta Nanda expected was  an apology from the offending actor.

 Instead she received a legal notice  demanding that she apologize  to Alok Nath.

 Vinta Nanda says she is appalled but not surprised.  “This is what is called patriarchy. You do wrong, put another woman, your wife in this case, in front to shield you and you ask the person you did harm to,  for an apology. Moreover you claim that the complainants life was made by you. Such behaviour is called misogyny and patriarchy.”

 After  Vinta spoke out against Alok  other women including  Sandhya Mridul also  came out with their stories on the disgraced actor.

Vinta  points  out that only she has  been targeted  by  Alok Nath. “ The  defamation case he has filed against only me.The same is true in Priya Ramani’s case. She has 12 women by her side condemning M J Akbar’s allegedly  predatory  behaviour but she’s been picked on alone.”

 Are we   to presume that  Alok Nath feels  no shame? “He is probably feeling shame because he has done wrong and he’s been called out. But if he had felt remorse he would have admitted and apologized. Unfortunately that’s not the case.”

Wasn’t an apology  the least Alok  Nath could have  offered in repentance?

 Vinta sighs, “ I’m a small person. Who am I to say what is enough and what isn’t? I suppose an apology is the least as well as the most to be expected.”

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