Vinta Nanda Slams The Film Industry For Working With Alok Nath


VintaNandawho has charged actorAlokNathwith rape is appalled that the film industry is still willing to work with him.ApparentlyAlokNathhas completed his work on LuvRanjan-produced De DePyardewhich stars AjayDevgan.

Angry and upsetVintaNandalashed out at the film industry for tacitly supporting the sexual offender. Hes brazening it out and there is a section of the industry, which seems to be complicit and protective towards his predatory behaviour. This should be very worrying for new generations of creative professionals. That is, if we really mean what we say when we proclaim that corrective measures are being made andICCsare being set up across industry associations because serious action must be taken against those who have been named for behaving indecently with women.

Vintapoints out how another alleged sexual offenderSajidAli was sacked from his directorial responsibilities of House Full 4. UnlikeSajidKhan who stepped out from work because the actors of the film he was directing said they would not work with him until his name was in the clear, the list of actors, producers and directors working withAlokNathdont seem to be bothered about the fact that not one but five women have called him out. That in itself goes to reveal how apathetic towards womens issues our industry is.

Vinta praisesFarhanAkhtarfor speaking outaginsthis cousinSajidKhans predatory behaviour. WhenFarhanAkhtarspoke with so much sensitivity about his brotherSajid, onBarkhaDutts platform We The Women, he actually set an example of how our industry should react to somebody who belongs to us but who has done something wrong, which cannot be condoned. After all those persons who have been wronged are also one of us so whatFarhansaid pretty much summed up that this issue needs to be dealt with utmost sensitivity and objectivity.

In the meanwhileVintais unhappy with the Indian Film & Television Directors Association(IFTDA)s seeming apathy towards theMeToooffenders. Were awaiting what standIFTDAtakes. According to media reportsIFTDAwas to announce its stand in a weeks time from the 22nd November. Its over a week now, so we should know any day.CINTAA(Cine & TV Artistes Association) has expelledAlokNathalready so whoever is working with MrNathpost his expulsion, is doing so in defiance and disrespect to an apex body which governs the industry of entertainment.

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