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Vishal Bhardawaj & Wife Snubbed By Pakistan

 It seems  the  lives  of martyred Indian soldiers don’t matter to  a certain elitist section of  the  Indian populace  which continued to visit Pakistan even  after  repeated attacks  on our country’s sovereignty  from  across  the  border.

Shockingly enough the musician couple Vishal and  Rekha Bhardwaj  was  all set to jet  to Pakistan  this week to attend  a cultural event  called  Shaan-e-Pakistan. But now the organizers  have  shown Vishal and  Rekha  the door, saying , “Given the current situation,  it’s better to not invite Indians to Shaan e Pakistan this time around.”

   Ashoke Pandit, chief advisor of the Federation Of  Western India Cine Employees(FWICE)  wonders why Indian artistes   had to wait to be  told to keep put of Pakistan. “Why did they keep visiting Pakistan in spite of  the  building tension between the  countries? Such so-called  liberal  artistes  of our country have one argument, ‘Art and culture  have no boundaries.’ Saying this, they fly off to Pakistan to enjoy the food and  hospitality there. This ‘biryani culture’  has to stop. People  like  these will never understand the pain and hurt that Kashmir is going through. To them terrorism is  not a reality.”

Pandit also condemns Pakistani artistes  for not speaking  up against the carnage in Pulwama. “Look at  Ali Zafar.After  the kind of warmth and  hospitality he was given  by the Indian film industry he is now busy approving  of  the Pakistani  prime minister’s  hardline  viewpoint on  terror attacks in India.When  would we  Indians realize Pakistanis can never be our friends?”                                                                                                               


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