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Vishal Krishna Injured Again: “It was a nasty fall. But it could have been much worse.”

Tamil-Telugu  actor Vishal Krishna , known to  hurt himself doing daring stunts, has done  it  again.

While shooting  for  his next film in Turkey Vishal  had a  nasty fall from  a mo’bike which left his leg and  hand injured.

Speaking from Turkey Vishal  says, “It was a nasty  fall. But it could have been much worse. So I am thankful  for not injuring myself even worse.Because  it could’ve been really bad.”

So what exactly happened? “It was  a bike stunt. And  the bike, an ATV ,  fell on me. My leg and hand seemed badly injured.And I thought either or both my limbs were fractured. Luckily there was no fracture.  But there is a lot of swelling which will take time to  subside.I  can’t wait while my leg and hand heal.  I will be back shooting very shortly. We  can’t afford to lose time.”

 This reminds me of the nasty accident that Tom Cruise had when he was shooting the latest  instalment of Mission  Impossiblein Paris. During  a jump from one building to another  Cruise miscalculated and he could hear  his ankle crack. But he continued running  because  if he stopped he knew the shooting would halt  for months.

 Says  Vishal, “I am no Tom Cruise. But I can completely understand  that. Actors today can’t fake the stunts.  Audiences are too clued into technicalities.  So  one has  to take risks.And  if you take risks you will be injured.  I had a leg injury just a  month back , and now this.”

Vishal’s fiancée wife-to-be Anisha Alla Reddy has now forbidden  him from doing any dangerous stunts.

Laughs  Vishal, “It’s simple. One just doesn’t talk  about it , quietly does  the stunt and  hopes  no bones get broken.”

In fact Amitabh  Bachchan and Akshay  Kumar are two prominent  Bollywood actors who  never tell their wife when they are going to shoot for an  action scene.Then they  pray that  they won’t have to regret their  secretiveness.


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