Vishal Krishna: “Politics Behind Attempts To Sabotage My Film.”

Tamil  superstar Vishal Krishna  says he was  stunned  when  his producer  informed him that he  won’t be  able to release  Aygoya,  the eagerly awaited  cop-thriller  featuring Vishal  Krishna, on schedule on May 10.

Still in shock Vishal says, “I had no clue this was  coming.  When my producer (Tagore Madhu)  told me on  Friday morning that  Ayogya won’t be released  I  was  in a state  of shock. How  could he  do this to his own  film?”

What  was  the reason for this  sudden  decision?

Vishal says he isn’t sure. “Madhuji says the  financial  dynamics  don’t work for him.  Why  on earth did he have to  wait  until  the morning of release to  come to this  awareness ? Anyway I  offered  to do one  more film for free for him. This,  in  spite of my jampacked schedule. But for reasons  only he can  explain , he  was adamant  on  not releasing.”

  Vishal   even offered  to pay  the producer  whatever  money he could  from his own pocket . But the  release  ofAyogya  did not  happen  on Friday.

“Until late in the night  we kept hoping our producer would come around, see reason. But it did not happen. I can’t explain  my sense  of frustration and  anger. Ayogya  is  the film that  I’ve given  the maximum  to. It is like  my baby , my child. To  be unable to  deliver it on time is a huge blow  for me. I feel  responsible , ” says Vishal, adding that his  last release(Irumbi Thirai) also  faced a similar last-minute  hurdle  by  the  producer. “But I managed to somehow  sort  out the problems  and released  that  film on time. With Ayogya we  failed  to make it into theatres  on Friday.”

 The  good  news  is that Ayogya made it into theatres on Saturday, a day  late.

Heaving  a   sigh of relief Vishal forthrightly  blames  political forces  in Tamil Nadu for  the attempt to sabotage  his  film and career. “They want to  bring my down on my knees. Show me what they can do to the one voice that stands up,  speaks against all the wrongs in the Tamil film industry. As the  Vice President  of  the Tamil  Film Producers’ Council(TFPC)  I have  offended too many  people. They  will try to  hurt me as much as they can. But I want them to know they  can’t break me.The harder they try  the  more  triumphant I will emerge.   I’ve God, the truth and my well-wishers  on  my  side.”

The  stupendous opening  of  Ayogya is  all the vindication and  endorsement  Vishal needs. “Let them  try to crush me. I am protected  from harm by my  faith in  my hard work and  honesty.It is not politicians  who decide   a film’s fate.”

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