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Vishal Krishna Promises An Action Film Like Never Before



“Tamil cinema has never seen action like this before,” promises Tamil star and activist Vishal Krishna about his new film Ayogya which opens this Friday.

The action-oriented film sees Vishal re-invent the role of the corrupt cop played by NTR Jr in the Telugu film Temper . In Hindi, Ranveer Singh also played the same role of the swaggering law enforcer who has a change of heart after a reformatory incident.

Promises Vishal, “My version of the film is very different from both the versions seen so far in Telugu and Hindi. There is no point in doing a remake unless one takes the story and the character where it hasn’t gone before. I can tell you with complete assurance that the kind of action I’ve done in Ayogya is very different from what’s been seen earlier.”

Also to be noted is the rising level of conscientiousness among actors specially in the South. While Mahesh Babu’s new release Maharshi in Telugu is about the brain drain and the rights of Andhra farmers, Ayogya probes into the sensitive issue of rape.

Says Vishal, “I believe as actors we have a huge responsibility towards society. Issues and problems pertaining to the common man must be addressed in our films. I am not saying we should preach in cinema. But we can provide entertainment while addressing issues as I’ve done in Ayogya.”

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