Vishal Krishna: “The Cops Had Not Come To Arrest Sarkar Director”


Are the makers ofSarkartrying to generate more heat from films political ramifications than required?

A few nights ago the films director A RMurugadosshad tweeted that the cops had come knocking on his door late at night.It was implied that the cops had come to arrest him.

But Tamil actor-producerVishalKrishna feels the cops intentions were misconstrued. I dont think they had gone to arrestMurugadossSir. Why should they? Just because he has made a film about corruption in political? Powerful strong voices need to come forward and speak against corruption in politics. Films about corruption amongst the powerful and corrupt sections of our society have been made in nearly every Indian language. In TeluguMaheshBabudid a big hitBharatAneNenusome months ago . It had the same story asSarkarof theNRIhero taking on the corrupt political system.

VishalfeelsSarkarbeing targeted is a sign of a paranoid government. If the film is passed by the censor board it is good to go.Why should the government feel insecure about criticism? Cinema is a powerful medium of change. Unless we identify the malpractices in public spaces how can they be corrected?

Commenting on the speculation on Tamil superstarVijayjoining politics,Vishalcomments. Just because he has done amassyfilm on politics? No, I dont thinkVijayhas any political ambitions. At least not at the moment. The day he decides to get active in politics he wont need to do a film to announce his plans. He just has to take the plunge.

Severely condemning the cuts made inSarkar after the protestsVishalsays, They have removed a scene showing gifts given as bribe to voters, being burnt. But this will soon be a reality in India. The voter is no longernave.Sarkarcreates awareness about the right to vote. The government should be thankful not insecure about the films intention.Rather than focus on stopping cinema from putting forward the corruption in politics, the TamilNadugovernment should help our film industry to nip piracy in the bud.

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