Vivek Agnihotri On His Lal Bahadur Shastri Bio-Pic


All the guides in Tashkent openly say thatShastriwas poisoned,

DirectorVivekAgnihotrihasjust returnedfrom shooting his film which will expose some uncomfortable truths on the mysterious deathoftheformerprimeministerLalBahadurShastrin in Tashkent.

SaysVivek, We shot in Tashkent and Samarkand. Most of the local people are great fans of RajKapoorandMithunChakraborty. All the guides in Tashkent openly say thatLalBahadurShastriwas poisoned. That makes our film more relevant and it will help at least bring out all the facts related toShastriwhichthe successive governments have hidden from us.

The film, saysAgnihotri, is more about a citizens right to know the truth. If we dont know the truth about the death of our secondprime minister, how can we ever know the truth of anything else? This thought prompted this investigative thriller.

The director clarifies that thisis nota bio-pic onShastri. This is a contemporary film and not a biopic. Nobody playsShastri. Because its Shastris point of view.

The endeavour forAgnihotriis to tell thestory honestly.Truth can be told if one is willing to sacrifice material comforts. Materialistic ambition makes us compromise on truth and thats why we dont make films trying to investigate the truth. For last 20 years I have a wish to make a film onOsho. Sadly, no actor wants to play him.

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