Vivek Oberoi’s Modi Act Loses Steam & Esteem

The unexpected  clamping-down  on  the  much-debated bio-pic on PM Narendra  Modi would affect  Vivek Oberoi much more than anyone  else associated  with the  film.And not only because Vivek is/was (let’s face it ,  the EC verdict has killed  the  film) a producer on the project. Not even because  it is said that Vivek Oberoi’s politically-connected  in-laws  have a big hand in concretizing the project.

But mainly because  Vivek’s career as  a leading man  in  Bollywood  is all but  over.

And not for  the want   of  talent. Only opportunities. Some say,  Vivek paid a  price  for  taking on  Salman Khan when the  two warred  over the  dignity  of  a lady they  both  loved.But  if  antagonizing Salman could finish  off careers then  singer Arjit Singh  would be on  the streets. Salman  Khan has become   a convenient  scapegoat  for many failures in the  film industry.Simply  saying Salman dunnit won’t do.

 Vivek’s failure is  still a  mystery to me.  He had more talent than many of today’s  supposed superstars. Yes, he was  aggressive and  flamboyant  in  his  behaviour. But no more or less than Ranveer Singh. But I  remember  Vivek as  warm caring committed  human being and actor even  after stardom.

Vivek was seeing model Gurpreet Gill when we first got to know one another.He was an obedient,sincere dedicated  boyfriend.  Gurpreet  would  often accompany  Vivek on his outdoor  shootings.And  all three  of us would share  laughs over the heroines  hitting on him. That was  way back when  Vivek had burst  on  the  scene  with his  raw and  riveting  performance in Ram Gopal Varma’s  Company.

Back then  Vivek’s heroines  hit him.  Later some of  them just wanted to  hit him. I don’t know why Vivek became so unpopular   within  the  film industry in such a  short time.One reason for his downslide was  his high-profile  relationship with Salman Khan’s  former girlfriend.  Vivek flaunted his new  stunning girlfriend  like a trophy and spoke  against the  man who apparently ill-treated her before he, Oberoi the Gallahad,  galloped  into her  life as  saviour .

But I  repeat, the Salman factor couldn’t have killed  Oberoi’s career. Over the years he has not changed in his behaviour,  at  least to me. He is still  confident, gracious and  polite.Marriage  and  fatherhood have made him a  better human being.

So what went wrong with  Vivek’s  career?

 Excellent voice, terrific command  over  Hindi and  the ability to  look  convincing in any role, today Vivek is  keeping myself  busy playing strong antagonists in Tamil and Telugu  films.Now that the  Modi bio-pic has been snubbed and sidelined Vivek’s one hope of redemption  and resurrection in  Bollywood has crashed.

 No, Salman is  not smirking. He  couldn’t care less  .And indifference is  far more deleterious  than hatred. That’s where Vivek’s career has reached now.Nobody cares.

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