“Vomit!”Is Shabana Azmi’s Reaction To Vivek Agnihotri’s Tweet On Rape Victim

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri who believes in speaking his  mind on Twitter  , has got himself into a  serious jam  with women activists and  his colleagues  in Bollywood for referring to the rape survivor in  Kerala as a “prostitute nun.”

The offensive tweet had  to be deleted by Agnihotri on  actress Sawara Bhaskar’s intervention

Swara calls Agnihotri’s response to the nun’s rape  “petty and insensitive…just goes to prove  there are scummy elements across the political spectrum”.

An angry Shabana Azmi reacted with one  word , “Vomit!”  referring both the content  of  the tweet and her reaction to it.

Tamil actress and  politican Khushboo minces no words when she says, “The  less said  about him the better. He  doesn’t deserve  any attention.”

Dia Mirza agrees. “Do you really think his statement befits a comment?”

And  Pooja Bhatt, too  digusted to  express her anger falls back on the Bible. “Forgive them, Lord, for they do not know what they say.”

Vivek Agnihotri  who  is currently in the US , stands by his words. “It was to make a point that these liberals always make placards and run hashtags  to defame an entire community when a Hindu is involved. Last time they ran #MeTooUrbanNaxalwhen India’s enemies #UrbanNaxals were arrested. I made a point. People understood. That’s it.Such mischievous and hardcore people need strong doses.Problem is , all those people are in Media and they will gang up against me.I speak for a typical small town, middle class traditional Indian person. I don’t care much about such privileged people.But the entireBollywood is baying for my blood.”

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