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Was Prabhas ‘Photoshopped’ In Saaho?



Prabhas’  legion  of fans are thrilled  to bits at how slim dapper and  svelte he  looks in Saaho. But  sources  in the know  whisper  of Prabhas’s  image being  ‘fudged’, ‘modified’ and  ‘photoshopped’ to give  the hero a trim-and-fit  look.

Says  the  source, “While the  shooting was going on Prabhas put on some amount of weight. His face also looked puffed up at certain points. These physical  encumbrances  did not jell  well with the super-smooth character that Prabhas plays in  the Saaho. With  little time  for  Prabhas to get back into shape, the  director Sujeeth just shot Prabhas  the way he was.”

Later while looking at the footage, it was discovered that  Prabhas looked inconsistent  in  the film. Apparently in several scenes his flab around his belly and chin had to be digitally modified, to validate his role as  the  action hero.”

While the extent of  Prabhas’ fudged transformation is yet  to  be known,what we do  know is that his fans  love him the way he is  , and  few kilos and  extra flab make no difference to them.

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