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Watch Indori Ishq At Your Risk



Watch Indori Ishq At Your Risk 4

Indori Ishq(MXPlayer,9 Episodes)

Language: Hindi

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Web Series

Year: 2021

Director: Samit Kakkad

Actor: Ritvik Sahore, Vedika Bhandari, Aashay Kulkarni, Dheer Hira, Donna Munshi, Tithi Raaj, Meera Joshi

Rating: A

Rating: *(1 Star)

indori ishq Review: In the last episode—if  and when  you reach that  silver lining—our hero,a strange  diminutive  creature who  is so hysterically  heartbroken he can’t tell which opening in his body  leads to what,  tells  a illegal gun dealer, “Give me  just two bullets,one  for  the woman who made a chutiya  out of  her  beloved. The other  for the  guy who allowed himself to be made a  chutiya repeatedly.”

 How  about a third  bullet for the  biggest chutiya of them all? Those who actually steel their  will grit their teeth and brave  watching this  sewer  version  of Devdas?  The  Indori Devdas,  hereafter  named Kunal,  is conned  by Tara, a Paro  who is heavily  into two-timing and three-timing.Fine.But does it justify  the  crass misogyny that  the serial serves  up  with  streetside relish?

 Broken hearted  Kunal spends the rest of  his  time drinking and  drinking and drinking, and slurring and abusing and  ranting at all the gods who have  conspired to  reduce his life to a  hovel on  the docks in Mumbai where he  does  nothing except,drink, swear, etc.

Oh, wait there is  a Chandramukhi  also. A dancebar girl named Reshma who  smokes  like  a  chimney , starts every  sentence with  ‘Apun’ and addresses herself as  a randi everytime the  plotline gets thandi.Which is  , at an average,  every  7 minutes.

At the end of the drinking cussing killing and fornicating comes  the  ‘message’…Yessss! There  is  a point to this  whole aimless meandering  drunken exercise. Here  it comes:   If two-timing  guys are locked up under section  375  for  rape   why not  girls  who  do the same  to guys?

I am sure the judiciary  would be  able to answer Kunal’s   controversial question. I have  other  questions bothering me. Who  thought  of this  series, and that too  with  a  cast  of actors  (whose names I won’t mention for the sake  of protecting their  identities) who  are  laughably bad ?  Writer-director   Samit Kakkad  probably loved  doing maa-bahen to Devdas.  But  for the audience,the   series is a joke.And not  a funny one at that.

Where You can Watch indori ishq?

You can watch Indori Ishq here: CLICK HERE TO WATCH Indori Ishq

You can also watch it on mobile device by installing MX Player free from Google Play Store


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