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“We All Flinched When She Spoke,” Has Kangana Ranaut Gone Too Far This Time?



 Kangana Ranaut

 Kangana Ranaut is known for her  foot-in-the-mouth pronouncements which  shock/disgust right-thinking minds. But  because  she  gets away with  her outrageous  comments  on history politics  and religion,  she  is emboldened  to get more and more provocative in her thinking-aloud  process.

 This time  Kangana Ranaut seems to have crossed all limits when after receiving the Padma Shri she opined   that the  country got its actual freedom in 2014, and the version of freedom gotten in 1947 was just bheekh(alms).

All hell has  broken loose  from all quarters  including the BJP government whom she wanted  to  please with her 2014 statement.

  But the plan seems to have  fallen short  of her expectations. Reportedly the Prime  Minister has  decided to distance  himself from  Kangana Ranaut’s wildly inappropriate  swipe  at  the  blood sweat and tears  of  India’s freedom fighters.

A  major  voice  from the  film  industry known to take on  Kangana Ranaut’s  outrageous  claims  says  it was  coming to her.  “She has been  making  progressively more  provocative statements  counting on  the ruling regime’s tacit support. This  time she failed to see what was  coming . No  right-thinking  politician would fall for this  kind of sycophantic attempt to win brownie points.Prime Minister is  not  enthusiastic  about sycophancy. You can’t  pull down the  Nation’s builders and  architects  to please  the people in  power. They are far too clever to be flattered  by such gimmicky efforts at  damning history.”

An entertainer who was present at the venue says everyone winced when  Kangana Ranaut described the freedom gotten in 1947 as ‘bheekh’.

“We all flinched.Jab wohkamre mein hoti hai toh hamesha darr laga rahta hai kya bolegi(when she’s  in  the  room there’s   always  the fear of what she  would say). But this  time she has outdone herself,” says  the  entertainer who in his own words had  the  “privilege”  of  witnessing  the foot-in-the-mouth  moment.

 Kangana Ranaut is now cornered and  would  have to  issue  an apology.

 But would that be  enough compensation for belittling the  revered freedom fighters  of  the country who got us our hard-earned  freedom?

“But  who will get us  freedom from   Kangana Ranaut’s  ill-fired salvos? One never  knows what she will say about whom, and what  repercussions it would have,” says a leading filmmaker who wants to cast  Kangana in a major  historical part.

“But now  I am not too sure. How can she  play  a legend from history when she  has scant respect for our history?”  asks the epic filmmaker  after Kangana’s epic faux pas.

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