“All Well,” Says Mr Bachchan To Queries Regarding His Health, Here’s Why He  Hid His Face

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While Emerging From The Hospital

Amitabh  Bachchan is out  of hospital and in good health. Responding to this writer’s  query Mr Bachchan  responded, “All well.”

 A source close to the Bachchan parivar said, “He was in  hospital for a routine check-up nothing more. The  visit for the check-up was long due. But Mr Bachchan kept postponing  it due to his various work pressures.Finally the  family had to take a stand and virtually push him into his medical commitment.”

The Bachchan  family breathed a sigh  of  relief when the tests showed an all-clear.

What Mr Bachchan had  not anticipated was  the presence  of the paparazzi after  he  was discharged.

Says  a source  from the family, “It is distressing when Mr Bachchan  is not granted privacy even during a health-related outing.In fact Mr Bachchan was  not hiding his face  because  he was shy of  the cameras that were waiting for him outside the hospital. He  was  hiding his look  for Thugs Of Hindostan which producer Aditya Chopra has  desired to be kept strictly under wraps.”

 For  the  next few months,say sources  close  to  the Bachchan family, Mr Bachchan would find it hard to  be seen in public as he must protect his  Thugs Of Hindostan look from the public eye.

At  the same  time he can’t avoid public commitments.

So who said it would be easy  being Amitabh Bachchan

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