“All Well,” Says Mr Bachchan To Queries Regarding His Health, Here’s Why He  Hid His Face


While Emerging From The Hospital

AmitabhBachchanis outof hospital and in good health. Responding to this writersquery MrBachchanresponded, All well.

A source close to theBachchanparivarsaid, He was inhospital for a routine check-up nothing more. Thevisit for the check-up was long due. But MrBachchankept postponingit due to his various work pressures.Finally thefamily had to takea stand and virtually push him into his medical commitment.

TheBachchanfamily breathed a sighofrelief when the tests showed an all-clear.

What MrBachchanhadnot anticipated wasthe presenceof the paparazzi afterhewas discharged.

Saysa sourcefrom the family, It is distressing when MrBachchanis not granted privacy even during a health-related outing.In fact MrBachchanwasnot hiding his facebecausehe was shy ofthe cameras that were waiting for him outside the hospital. Hewashiding his lookforThugs OfHindostanwhich producerAdityaChopra hasdesired to be kept strictly under wraps.

Forthenext few months,say sourcesclosetotheBachchanfamily, MrBachchanwould find it hard tobe seen in public as he must protect hisThugs OfHindostanlook from the public eye.

Atthe sametime he cant avoid public commitments.

So who said it would be easybeingAmitabhBachchan

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