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“We’ve No Objection To Women Wearing Lipstick Under Their Burka”

…It’s The Other Things They Do In The Film That We’ve To Object To”

The chairperson of the Censorboard Of Film Certification(CBFC) is very angry about the hate being spewed against him for the denial of a censor certificate to director Alankrita Shrivastava’s Lipstick Under My Burqa.

Says Pahlaj Nihalani, “First of all, we didn’t ban the film Lipstick Under My Burqa. The Examining Committee saw the film and refused to certify it.Now the Revising Committee has also refused to certify the film. Now the film’s producer Prakash Jha says he will go to the Tribunal of the censor board . He knows the procedure.He has been through it with  many of his films including his last Jai Gangaajal. So what’s the fuss about?”

The censor chief is livid at the way the film’s team and its supporters have gone to town over the censor refusal. “Why are they pinning the blame for the Examining Committee and Revising Committee’s refusal on me? There are two bodies of  well-informed jury members in the two committees. They’ve all found the content of Lipstick Under MyBurqa to be extremely objectionable. There are constant sexual innuendos and suggestions of the sex act. The language is lurid and graphic.”

Nihalani wonders on what grounds the film’s suuporters have come forward to champion the film’s cause. “Have Sudhir Mishra, FarhanAkhtar and Kabir Khan seen Lipstick Under My Burqa? How can they jump into the controversy just because it is fashionable to support any film that talks about women’s empowerment? How genuine  is this film’s feminism?  Have its supporters seen the film? They attack me calling me  a maker of ‘B’ grade films and listing vulgar songs that I’ve used in my films. But those songs are not even in my film.As for making ‘B’ grade films why only ‘B’ grade? I  may have made ‘C’ grade and ‘Z’ grade films too. That doesn’t give me the right to certify objectionable content in my capacity as the chairperson of the CBFC. I may  have made films that I might have cut if they came to me during my tenure as CBFC chief.”

Nihalani finds it strange that the very filmmakers whose works he helped in getting censor clearance are making a hue and cry against him. “I’ve gone  out of my way to get Farhan Akhtar’s Rock On 2 andKabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan out of censorial blockades. On what grounds are Farhan and Kabir tweeting and talking against me? They are fighting  a cause they’ve no idea of.Please  do  not attack the CBFC and me just because it is considered trendy to do so.”

Nihalani says a lot of myths are bring created in the media to malign him. “One news channel thinks shouting, encouraging noise pollution and lashing out at me will raise their TRPs. God bless them. But they need to do their homework. They were shouting about how the CBFChas objections to the word ‘Burqa’ in the title Lipstick Under MyBurqa. This is completely wrong. We never expressed any reservations about the title.We’ve no objections to women wearing lipstick under a  burqa. But the film shows these women doing unmentionable things. If some sections think this is progressive behaviour, gender equality and women’s empowerment then I pity  the generations to come.”


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