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What Are Kartik Aryan & Sara Ali Khan Up To?



This is not a prying piece about two people in love. Kartik and Sara are young and single, and they have every right to do what they want with their lives.

None of anyone’s business, really.

But there is just one problem here. Kartik and Sara are making their friendship everybody’s business by playing a very weird game of hide n seek with the public and media, a hide n seek where there are pretending to hide their togetherness but making sure everyone can see then.

Some time ago on Eid Kartik and Sara visited a mosque together with their faces covered . And then they posted ‘together’ pictures about their “secret” visit.

And now with their faces again covered Bollywood’s “open-secret” couple were seen roaming the streets of Shimla, getting accosted by fans.

A young actress who is also in love commented, “It’s almost as if they want everyone to see them together while they pretend that they don’t want to be seen together.Why would they visit such crowded places with their faces covered when everyone can see who they are and why they are pretending to hide their faces?”

Our advice to this lukka-chuppi couple. Do your own thing.And please stop looking over your shoulder to see if people are looking.

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