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What Is Bollywood Up To This Diwali? 



Lata Mangeshkar ​: ​“ Diwali this time is definitely low-key for me and my family. My sisters and I love to do the rangoli. Putting colours into auspicious shapes used to be a big thing for us. Ab woh utsah kahan raha?  The destruction and loss of human life all around us doesn’t quite put us in a festive mood.  I remember my mother used to bathe  oil and anoint with uptan  all of us children  on  Diwali…It used to be  a big occasion in our home. Diwali  meant family and friends, home-made mithai and hand-made diyas…The phool jharis and patakas were so appealing .Now they’re simply a public nuisance. Now everything is made-to-order…You call a  shop, you get flowers sent to friends…You call a sweet shop and they have mithais sent  in fancy designer-packets and expensive matkas….It’s not about feelings and warmth any longer. It’s all about how much you can show rather than how much you can feel…Nowadays people prefer to send dry fruits rather than mithai…That’s because dry fruits are more convenient and less perishable. ..I miss my mother . She represented the Diwali spirit for me.  I miss the Diwali smells at home…the mithai being cooked on the chulha, the ghee in he diyas, the scent of burning camphor…All those aromatic feelings associated with Diwaliare long gone…Now it’s all about getting the steps rather than  the feeling right. It’s strange. But I can’t remember a single Diwali song of my own…at least not any happy ones! Maybe that’s an indication  of how difficult  and different Diwali has become now .

Pooja Bhatt: “Much relieved  to hear firecrackers banned  in Delhi.The festival of light can go back to  being true to itself.Let’s reserve  the fireworks  for  the bedroom.”

Sushant Singh Rajput “Every year I make sure that I am with my family​. Last year I  had​ to skip the family get-together ​.  But ​

this Diwali I’ll be there,​

Nawazuddin Siddiqui: “I would like to celebrate this Diwali by lighting ​u​p my house in the memory and respect of the martyred solidiers  of our Country.”

Ram Gopal Varma: “For me celebrations are festivals are meaningless. I don’t wish anyone on their birthday or for Diwali.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:  “Diwali has to be at home, no matter what. The family has to be together for that occasion. Or at least, we try to be. But all of us have our own crazy schedules. Sometimes it becomes impossible to fulfil family obligations. But we try our best.”

Tiger Shroff: “Just a small pooja at home. Then I’ll be sitting on a ledge watching the world explode to the sound of firecrackers.”

Prabhudheva: I am in Chennai to be with my parents and my kids. For me, any time with family is Diwali.”

Sayani Gupta:  I will mostly be working. For us it’s Durga Puja and I got to spend time in Kolkata with family after a decade almost.Tomorrow is Kali Puja for us, chhoti Diwali. I will be in Kolkata for half a day and then go straight to Pune to shoot. I’m back in Mumbai for half day on Diwali. Will spend with my two-year old grandniece and hopefully eat a lot of savouries. My most favourite part if any festival is the food. I don’t burn crackers and mostly stay indoors.”

Prateik Babbar: “ No crackers! Noise free, pollution free Diwali! Lots of nice khaana and naach gaana! I  shall visit to wish as much family as possible.”
Mahesh Bhatt: “Bollywood is a gambler’s den. We gamble all through the year. Why do we need to play cards at Diwali?”

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