What Is Stopping Varun Dhawan From Tying The Knot?

It seems to be the season of marriages .Every  A-lister seems  poised for matrimony. So what’s stopping Varun Dhawan  from taking the plunge with Natasha Dalal whom he has been dating for six years?

Apparently it is  the lady who has the misgivings, as she isn’t too sure what  the future as a star-wife holds for her.

A  close friend of Varun spills the beans, “If  Varun had his way he would marry Natasha yesterday instead  of today. He has been proposing to  Natasha  for  two years. But she comes  from a  completely  non-filmi background and  isn’t sure  of  what life  would be like  as part of a fully filmy  family (Varun’s  father David Dhawan and Varun’s brother Rohit are  filmmakers).”

Earlier this  year Varun moved  into his  own  home so that  his future wife would be more comfortable  in  her  own private space. But Natasha is still unconvinced.

Maybe she  feels “happy star-wife” is a contradiction in terms. And she may be right. But  there’s always a Mira Rajput to  prove star wives don’t always have  to be  unhappy souls.

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