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What Makes Alia Bhatt So Special



What Makes Alia Bhatt So Special 12

 There was something special about Alia from the beginning. Among  all of Mahesh Bhatt’s children  Alia was the Chosen One.Being the  youngest she should have been Bhatt Saab’s favourite. But it  was the  eldest Pooja  whom Bhatt Saab   loves the  most.Alia knows  it.And she doesn’t mind one  bit. 

Winning her father’s  attention was  a big  game for  little Alia.She  would massage his  feet  for an  hour and he would give her a rupee. That rupee would be  more precious to Alia  than all the wealth in the world which she  has today.

Alia once said to me, “My father’s approval means a lot to me. Actually my entire family’s approval means a lot to me. But my father’s approval means a little more since he is a fantastic filmmaker and can separate Alia the daughter from Alia the actress.”

I asked her once what her nett worth  was. How much does she  get paid? She laughed off the  question. But  at  28, Alia is a formidable professional. She has  the  best of roles and  the best possible remuneration for a contemporary leading lady.

With Gangubai Kathiawadi   she is all  set scale new heights  of  glory. Trust me, she is going to blow all the competition into smithereens  after  audiences see her Gangubai act. I can’t reveal much. But I will say this. Watching her play the ruthless gangster  is a transformative experience  for  the  actress and  for the audience. It is as though she is possessed. I predict  the National award for her. The last  time  an actress won the National award for playing a gangster was Shabana  Azmi in  Godmother.And Shabana loves Alia.  Who doesn’t! 

 I  was waiting for her to work with Sanjay Bhansali.  I knew he would  bring out the  best in her. With the exception of Rani  Mukherjee, Alia is  the  best actress Sanjay Has worked with. And when he tells me she is dynamite in the  film I know  he is  not exaggerating.Alia’s talent is  boundless.  I am sorry to say  films  like  Kalank  and  Raaz  where she  got rave reviews  just didn’t harness her  aptitudes currently. 

Not her fault. The politics of Raaz was so scrambled  not even Meryl Streep would have been  able to make sense  of  it. As  for Kalank that was just Karan  Johar trying to   do a Bhansali.

SLB and  Alia were destined  to come together. She had  gone to  meet him when she  was 9 years old for the role that  Ayesha Kapoor(what happened  to her?)  finally  played in Black . Sanjay had sensed something extraordinary in Alia even at that age.

Today  she stands taller than all her  contemporaries. Success  and superstardom have  not  changed Alia Bhatt. “You keep saying that each time we talk. It makes me feel  selfconscious. I have to believe I have a lot to achieve.That’s the only way I can grow. I want to do all the best roles I can get. But the person within me must remain the same. I don’t want people to say I’ve changed with success.” she told me   the last time we  spoke. 

I don’t know what  the  future holds for her in her  personal  life. I’ve no clue if Ranbir Kapoorwill marry her. Knowing him,one  can’t tell.  She should focus  on  her career . Because  as  far as I can see the sky is the limit for her.

Stay grounded,Alia. Let your  spirit soar. 

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