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What Went Wrong With Imran Khan? “He Deliberately Chose To Quit,” Says Friend



He made  a very promising start with Abbas Tyrewala’s Jaan Tu…Ya Jaane Na on the same Friday as  Harman Baweja in July 2008.Today  both Imran and  Harman have gone into oblivion.

What went wrong with Imran’s career?I remember how  insecure Harman was about Imran’s debut…after all ,Imran had the mighty Aamir Khan as his Maamu(uncle). Poor Harman had only  Harry Baweja  as  his father. As luck would have it , Imran’s debut  was a hit. He  was seen as the Next Best Thing alongside Ranbir  Kapoor.

Imran had  the  best  of roles  rolling  out at his feet.He decided  to turn his  back on stardom. So says his  close friend Akshay Oberoi.  “He chose to quit. I can say  that with certainty. He could’ve gotten  more work  if he wanted to..But  I am not sure he enjoys fame at all.”

Uniquely,  Imran has  opted for  anonymity  over fame. There  is  no chance  of a comeback.Imran is just not interested  in being a film star.

A close friend  of Aamir Khan  says, “It is  not that Aamir didn’t try to help Imran’s career. But after  doing Aamir’s Delhi Belly(which  Ranbir Kapoor had rejected) and some  more  films  with  top banners, Imran lost interest.

It’s not  very clear whether  he  wants to pursue  another career  or where his income is  coming from. But  after  Zaira Wasim(who also has an Aamir connection as  she  was introduced as  his daughter in Dangal)  Imran is another Bollywood star  to  turn his  back on stardom.

Says Imran’s close friend, “He actively choose to quit . That I can assure you of. He would’ve gotten more work if he wanted to. I am not sure he enjoys fame at all.”

Imran is not  the  first person  in his  family to  quit stardom. His uncle  filmmaker Mansoor Ali Khan also turned his  back on showbiz. 

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