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When Did Rishi Kapoor Shoot For The Body?



There  is  more mystery behind the scenes of the on-release  thriller  The Body than on screen. The film claims to bring together  Rishi Kapoor and Emraan  Hashmi.But since Mr Kapoor has been  ailing for  the  past  one year,  he could not have  shot the  film anytime this year.

 Turns  out, Mr Kapoor shot for the  film in May 2018 .

“Luckily it  was  done at a  stretch by  Malayalam director Jeethu Joseph. Because soon  after its completion  Chintuji fell ill and  left the  country,” says a  source.

 It is sad that  fans  of the  veteran  actor are  now being subjected to films shot before his illness. Rishi Kapoor’s last release before he  left for New York for medical treatment was  the lukewarmly received OTT film Rajma Chawal.While he was recuperating  a  film called Jhootha  Kahin Ka  was also  released.

Both were  ill-received. And  the  versatile actor said he would  like to do very selective work henceforth.

Sadly there are  no really outstanding  films coming Rishi Kapoor’s at this point of his life. The  Body is not  likely to do much to  enhance his  brand equity.

Apparently  it was  the  director Jeethu Joseph’s lifelong dream to work with Rishi Kapoor.And we have none other Mr Kapoor’s word for it.

In an interview  Mr Kapoor pompously  declared. “When he(Jeethu Joseph) decided to make this film (The Body), he was determined that he would work with me. In this story, my role suites my age as well as the character. Jeethu is really happy that his dream of working with me came true…”

Let’s hope Jeethu’s dream doesn’t become  the audiences’ nightmare.

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