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When Shah Rukh Khan Insisted On Being   Part Of  Every  Karan Johar Film



Shah Rukh Khan

There  was  a time when  Shah Rukh Khan wanted  to be part of every Karan Johar production in some way or the other. When he  could not be  accommodated  in  Karan’s  Sidharth Malhotra directed  We Are  Family , SRK  joined  Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal to promote We Are Family as a ‘good luck charm’.

Even  in  Punit Malhotra’s  I Hate Luv Storys, Shah Rukh did a small voice-over. Unfortunately he couldn’t be accommodated anywhere in  We Are Family although the superstar was quite insistent on featuring somehow.

‘Ek photo hi daal do kisi shot mein,’ (At least put a photo in one shot), he kept urging Karan.

Not one to give up even when his wish had gone way past its fulfillment phase, SRK barged in sportingly at a media meet with Kareena and Arjun and insisted on conducting an interview with the pair… ‘Just as a good luck charm’, as he put it.

It is such gestures that make Shah Rukh who he is. It is his ability to make people feel special that makes him the superstar and the king.

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