Where Is The ‘Fan’ Who Wanted To ‘Kill’ Varun’s Girlfriend?

Just two days ago the internet and print media went berserk with a story about a “crazy fan” who wanted to “kill” Varun Dhawan’s girlfriend Natasha Dalaal.

The entire scandal reeked of improbability.Also, to bring the star’s fiancée who has nothing to do with cinema, into the picture clearly indicates poor judgment and poorer taste on behalf of those who plan such controversies.

Firstly, persistent fans are not a big ordeal for film stars in India. We are a nation of hero-worshippers, and if Varun has fans waiting for hours to meet him he should consider himself fortunate.

A close friend of Varun corroborates this opinion, “Varun is very fond of attention. He loves to click selfies. It is unlikely that he would actually turn down a request from a fan.”

The “report” evidently a publicity gambit, went on to say that “the fan” had “threatened to kill” Varun’s girlfriend as he had refused to meet her.

This is plainly preposterous and so cheesy in its exploration of fan-frenzy dynamics , only the most desperate tabloid -tattle media would fall for it.

If this poor “fan” had actually issued this threat where is police complaint? A more crucial question: where is the fan? Does she really exist? If she created all the ruckus blow Dhawan’s residence how come there is no pictorial evidence of the incident? Nowadays even when a star scratches his nose it makes headlines. Such a big brouhaha reportedly happened at Varun’s residence and no one saw it happen? Except of course Varun’s marketing team.

One wonders who is responsible for reducing entertainment journalism to a joke? The stars? Their over-zealous marketing team? Or the sections of the news-hungry media that carries anything which has a star’s name attached to it?

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