“Where Is Zeenat ?”Sanjay Khan’s Biography Is Not True To Facts

Actor-filmmaker Sanjay Khan’s  autobiography The  Best Mistakes  Of  My Life does not tell the truth  about his personal life.  Too busy portraying himself as an ideal  husband and father  Khan seems to  forget his very  public affair with actress ZeenatAman which ended rather sordidly with the actor thrashing her  at  a Bollywood party while onlookers just stared.

Khan , father  of  4 growing children , and Aman were  in a serious relationship from 1977  to 1980  . It was during this time that Sanjay Khan  turned into a director with the ambitious steeply-budgeted Abdullah, which starred, who else, Sanjay Khan and Zeenat Aman along with Raj Kapoor. The  film was shot  way above budget and apparently Zeenat  put a  lot  of  her own money into it.

It was  then that  the affair began  to get ugly.Sanjay Khan’s no-nonsense wife Zarine threatened  to  walk out on the marriage. In order to prove his loyalty to his wife  Khan allegedly thrashed Zeenat  almost to her  last breath before leaving her to bleed on the expensive carpet  of  a 5-star hotel. She nearly lost one of her eyes in the  gruesome incident.

Recalling the  incident a  close  friend  of  Zeenat says, “Her eye was not the most precious loss that fateful evening when  MrSanjay Khan decided to  prove his mardaangi. For any woman to be subjected to this public humiliation is a scar for  life.Zeenat has  never forgotten the ugly incident. Although Mr Sanjay Khan seems  to have  completely forgotten it.”

Ironically Khan while releasing his sanitized  autobiography gives interviews on fidelity and  trust in marriage.

In an interview he’s quoted as saying, “I’ve always followed a principle: Never cross the line. Of course there were many beautiful women who would vie for me and try to get into my orbit, but I would not senselessly cheapen myself by falling into their hands… I always thought that if I ever went and slept with another woman, what would my children and my wife say…? I may have insulted many a lady by not giving them the right attention, so I apologise for that through your columns…. The institution of marriage is being eroded and isn’t celebrated as it was in the earlier days, when it was marriage till death do us part. My personal advice to all youngsters who get married would be to do their best to make it work. When we could do it in our times, why can’t you?”

Zeenat Aman’s  close friend says she laughed so hard on reading these pearls  of wisdom  from the mighty faithful Khan that both her  eyes  filled up with tears,  including the one Mr Khan slapped so hard that it only half-opens since that fateful evening which she still recalls with a  shudder .

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