“Who Is Spreading These Rumours About Nargis?” Sachiin Joshi Hits Back At The Rumour Mongers

 There are reports in  a section of  the  press that  Nargis Fakhri  who was  in India for a week to promote her new  film Amavas, left in a huff because  of  the personal questions on her love life that were asked  during media interactions.

It is also reported that Nargis blames the film’s producer and leading man Sachiin Joshi’s team for  being unprofessional and disorganized.

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Surprisingly Sachiin has only praise  for  Nargis and  her  professionalism.  “We had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Nargis.She is a beautiful person in  every way. Did  she really call us unprofessional and disorganized? I  don’t believe  it. Nargis speaks her mind.  If she had a problem with us she  would have  conveyed her displeasure to us  directly and not gone to the  media  about it.I will believe  it only when I hear  it  from her.”

Amavas was shot entirely in England, as Nargis  did  not want to shoot in  India.

 Says Sachiin, “We were most happy to shoot in England with Nargis.The shooting went  very smoothly. Nargis  was  impeccably  professional . And she  happily agreed  to  come to India  for a week’s promotion of our film. This is an important film for her.And she  knows it.”

A  little  bit of investigation  reveals that Nargis is not the least  comfortable  being in India  anymore. According to sources, there are  aspects  of  Bollywood which  make her very uncomfortable.

“The male gaze and the patriarchal  setup in Bollywood drove her away from Bollywood and  Mumbai.She could never come to terms with the  over-friendly  behaviour of heroes and in fact  complained to friends about some very big heroes acting weird with her. But what she  saw as weird was  perfectly normal  behaviour in Bollywooduntil very recently. Now after MeToo all the  backslapping and  telling dirty of jokes  by heroes has stopped.I think she’s more comfortable working in  Bollywood now,” says a female co-star of Nargis.

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