Who Is Trying To Sabotage Prernaa Arora’s Production Plans?

Evidence Points To One Disgruntled Entertainer

On Saturday a portal owned by a leading publishing house published an ‘exclusive story’ targeting producer Prernaa Arora(again!). This time the alleged accuser was Anushka Sharma with whom Prernaa had collobarated last year on the supernatural thriller Pari.

The story claimed that Anushka Sharma had “sued” Prernaa Arora for money that was due to Anushka for Pari.

Within hours a stout denial was issued by Anushka Sharma’s production house stating there was no truth to the story.

“There is no truth to it at all,” said the spokesperson of Anushka Sharma’s production house.

The redfaced portal had to pull down the story.

This is not the only false story that has been planted in the media to malign Arora. Recently there was a story of a woman claiming to have been assaulted by Aroraa for demanding her due money.

In fact the woman was caught stealing in Prernaa Arora’s home and was barred from entering the premises . This writer has documented proof of this incident.

Further investigation reveals the “source” of all these unsavoury stories to be the same.

An entertainer she has “dared” to take on is keeping the fake controversies alive and kicking in a sensation-hungry section of the media.

Says Prernaa Arora , “God bless those who are trying to bring me down. The harder they try to destroy me the harder I’ll work to build my career. The credibility of these so-called reports against me and my production plans is now proving highly questionable. And those who are making these desperate ugly attempts to disrepute me better think of more credible ways to pin me down.Their pathetic attempts to cut me down to size are just not working.”

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