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Who Will Direct The Sridevi Bio-Pic?



 There  is  no doubt that the one  death which hit us the hardest in 2018 was  that  of Sridevi . Her going away  so suddenly was a brutal reminder of how capricious  life can be.

Her  grieving husband  Boney Kapoor has still not been able  to come to terms with her death.  He says he  keeps himself from thinking about her by being a father and mother to  his children. But at the end  of the day  when he’s all alone the loss of his beloved wife  hits him hard.

It can now be  told that Boney is  planning to produce  and maybe even direct a film on the  amazing life and career  of  Sridevi.

Says a source  close to Boney, “He’s definitely  planning  to tell Sridevi’s story  in a movie before anyone  else does.Believe me, there are several filmmakers planning  to make films about her. Before they get  down to it, Boney wants to copyright her life story  so that only he  will be  able to make his wife’s bio-pic the way he wants to.”

Books are  also being planned on Sridevi.

Says  the source, “Several  journalists and authors have approached Boney  and he may very soon  select  someone to  write  on Sridevi. There are many plans to further  the Sri legend in 2019.Just wait and  watch.”

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