Who’s Afraid Of Deadpool?

At least two Bollywood bravehearts have decided to go ahead and release their niche Hindi films this coming Friday inspite of Deadpool 2 threatening to blow all competition out of the boxoffice including the latest Avengers film which is finally expected to be usurped from its supremacy over the global boxoffice.

Deadpool 2 is expected to be a much bigger success than first Deadpool film that came out in 2016.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds says, “We really wanted to go forward with the idea and the tenet that Deadpool is, in essence, owned by the fans. The fans are the ones that got it made in the first place and the fans are who we’re making the second one for. That’s our boss. Going into production on Deadpool 2, and certainly, in the writing process, it was those people we were making the movie for. And us of course. We have so much fun making it that I think it comes across in Deadpool 2, even more so than the first one, because this time we weren’t tasked with the often-difficult enterprises of telling an original story, where much of what you’re doing is expositional. In Deadpool 2 we don’t need to explain where he’s come from and why he is the way he is as much. You can remind the audience of all those things just by the way he interacts with the people around him. So, in some ways, it was kind of easier in that regard.”

Reynolds further adds that this time they are aiming at a family audience. “If Deadpool was a love story, Deadpool 2 is a family film in part. And it might sound strange to say, but we took a lot of the story tenets from Pixar as inspiration for creating the Deadpool 2 storyline and its inevitable conclusion. We really wanted to have that same kind of feel that there is magic in the world and there is hope in the world. So, you sort of package all of that within this construct of this anarchist, this guy who is his own worst enemy and just gets in his own ways as much as humanly possible. And that creates a recipe for not just hilarity but also, weirdly, for drama. There’s something very emotional about Deadpool 2 that I think Deadpool hit at its core pretty well, but probably not as well as Deadpool 2 does.”

Unafraid of this big Bollywood franchise film two niche Hindi films have chosen to go ahead with their release. Debutante director Harish Vyas’s Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain brings into focus the love story between a workingclass couple played by Sanjai Mishra and Eakavali Khanna who have been married for decades and have not been able to express their love for one another.

The talented Anshuman Jha who plays one of the key roles in Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain says it is a very relatable situations. “And one that most of us have seen in our lives. Our generation is far more open about their feelings. But people from our parents’ generation were not so demonstrative. Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain takes us into their world.”

Anshuman is not afraid of the competition from Deadpool 2, “Of course it is a big film.And I am a fan myself . But Deadpool is a different world. It doesn’t impinge on our film. My only fear is of not getting correct show timings But then our producer NFDC is a state-sponsored organization. It will ensure decent show timings for us.”

Akarsh Khurana who helms this week’s other Deadpool-defiant niche film High Jack , an airborne satire, says his film has nothing to fear. “If the marketing team thinks it’s okay to release High Jack on the same day as Dead Pool 2 I am okay with it.Our film’s release has been postponed several times. I am relieved it’s finally opening. And we have the ever-so-slight advantage of a ‘UA’ censor certificate.”

One certainly hopes these small well-meaning films don’t get swamped in Deadpool. That would be foul-play of the most avoidable variety.

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