Who’s Spreading Rumours Of Salman’s Rift With Bharat Director?

 This entertainment  industry of ours loves to  be entertained by misery. Any  talk of a rift  or  a fall-out between friends is  not only welcomed but also  encouraged.

 Not surprisingly soon after Bharat earned  a record-breaking Rs 40  crores  on  the day of release  rumours of a fall-out between  director Ali Abbas Zafar  and Salman Khan began to make the rounds.

The stories doing  the rounds claim the two fought  over the  length of Bharat which was  substantially shortened.

Ali  laughs away  these  rumours. “This is all rubbish being spread by people  who can’t bear  to see  us sharing such a warm and  stress-free  rapport  for so  long.”

As   for the  loose talk about the  director and star squabbling over the film’s  length  is  concerned  Ali Zafar saysSalman and  he were  on the same  page .

“There was  no stress at all regarding any aspect  of the film between us. He  was very very supportive  right through the  making of  not just Bharat but  also Sultan and Ek Tha Tiger.”

As far as contributing to  the  film’s  final  content  is  concerned it is a known  fact that Salman  actively participates in  every department  of a film’s making, be  it the music  editing  or promotion. No director who works with Salman  is likely to  get offended suddenly just  because the  Superstar made a  suggestion that the director  cannot be refused.

As  one  of  Salman’s most  distinguished  directors  told me, “Out of the  five suggestions Salman makes , three are  very  good.”

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