Why Are Rajinikanth’s Films Being Postponed ?

Blame it on the ongoing strike in the Tamil film industry. But the fact is the new Rajinikanth starrer Kaala has been shifted from April 27  to June 7.

A  bit  odd  for  a Rajini  starrer which all  ready and complete to  be postponed  by 5 weeks.

So what  gives?

According to sources the solution is not as simple as  it seems.

“The strike  is just an excuse. Kaala  was announced  for April 27 which incidentally was the release date of the  other Rajinikanth starrer on-hold  2:0 , the Robot sequel which has been postponed repeatedly during the  past six months.When 2: 0  couldn’t make  it on April  27, Kaala quickly stepped  in. Now that too is  being postponed,” says  a  source close  to the development.

Apparently there  is much more to the development than meets   the eye.

“Both 2:0 and Kaala are  works in progress, the former more than the latter.  But nonetheless neither  film is  fully ready for  release,” whispers  the source.

 The  reason  being given  for  the delay is post-production.

“Both 2:0 and  Kaala are taking far more time in post-production than was expected. In fact while the release date  of 2:0 is nowhere in  sight, Kaala may get postponed  yet again  fromJune 7 to  the  end  of the year,” says  the  source.

 In the meanwhile Rajnikanth fans can take solace in the delay  in  archirval  Kamal Haasan’s forthcoming project Vishwaroopam 2 and Shabash Naidu which  contrary to  reports are nowhere  close to release.

In both the  cases, it is the Superstars’ sudden political awakening that  is being seen as largely  responsible for the lethargy that has  sent into  Kamal  Haasan and Rajinikanth’s political career. Agreed they both sufferd health setbacks in recent times. Rajinikant was seriously ill in  2011. He  never fully recovered and has been  advised to take it easy since then.

Kamal Haasan had a serious fall in 2016. It  slowed down his  film career.And now  with both  heading towards a political career their films are bound to suffer even more.

Inside  information is that at  least one of the two Superstars  is already having second thoughts about a political career.

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