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Why Does Rhea Chakraborty Want A CBI Inquiry Into Sushant’s Death?



Why Does Rhea Chakraborty Want A CBI Inquiry Into Sushant’s Death? 10

With  Sushant Singh’s  girlfriend  suddenly breaking her silence   on  his death to ask the Government  for a  CBI probe, the  scenario has  suddenly changed. People claiming to be  close to Sushant have been wondering about her lack of   vocal  initiative  in the campaign to get him justice .

What was she  afraid of? Why was she  hiding? These were questions being asked  about Rhea, as a month passed  by since Sushant’s death.

A  director who was close to both  Sushant and Rhea  says Rhea had stopped living-in  with Sushant months  before his death.

“This is  the way  he  wanted it. So whether  she  was  actually his  girlfriend  at the  time  of his death  is  not clear,though she calls  herself his girlfriend  in her  latest Instagram  post,” says  the director.

 Actor-anchor  Shekhar Suman who has been  championing  CBI probe  for  Sushant’s death feels Rhea’s participation in   the campaign  , adds  much-needed weight  to  it.

Says Shekhar,  “Rhea  Chakraborty asking  for  a  CBI probe  is good  news.People close to him are finally speaking up.It will lend more strength and credibility to the demand asking for a CBI enquiry. It’s  an encouraging development.  I felt  the haste with which Sushant’s death was  declared a suicide didn’t quite make sense.”

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