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“Why Does The Baywatch Trailer Have Only One Shot Of Priyanka Chopra?

 In  the new trailer of Baywatch Priyanka Chopra has just one shot in which she says, “Some people are up to no good.”

This is  no comment on the actress  feeling persecuted about the length of her  role in the film.The trailer clearly mentions  Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron as the dual propellers  in the credits.

One hopes Priyanka is not caught between The Rock and a hard place(considering Zefron’s recent antics , you’d know what I mean).

But there is hope. There is no reason to feel deflated by the Priyanka’s meager presence in the trailer.Apparently Priyanka’s rationed presence in the initial trailers is all part of  a strategy to reveal her by and by as the arch-villain of the piece.We would like to believe this to be true.At this point of time the arch-villain seems to be the low-brow content of Priyanka’s Hollywood debut.

Going by the trailer  Baywatch seems filled with smut and sleaze. In a trailer lasting a few minutes there was a reference to Boobs, Pussy and a Dick….the third anatomical part, apropos  Dwayne who asks for his penis to be large in a sand-carved image.

We all have to live with our aspirations, no matter how  big or small.

Efron seems to be in this just for a desperately-needed hit. His last few films including the appalling smut binge in Dirty Granddad(banned in India panned elsewhere) sank without a trace.To make up for lost time in Baywatch Efron has excreta from a dead man dripping into his mouth.

I kid you not.

Right now from where I stand, Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood debut looks like Indra Kumar’s distant cousin. With penis and excreta jokes occupying a pride of place I can only hope and pray that our desi girl has not done anything to look compromised.

As far as being welcomed by the West is concerned Priyanka has proven she has more fans in the West than Irrfan Khan .  But is Baywatch going to get her the popularity that her American television series has?

Sources close to the big-screen project say, she will.

“The first two trailers don’t feature much of her.And that’s deliberate.Closer to the May release Priyanka will be seen in trailer specially cut to spotlight her role and presence in the film,” informs an informed source.

We can hardly wait.


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