Why is Aamir Khan hiding the fact that Secret Superstar Based On The Life Of Nahid Afrin?

Why is  Aamir Khan and  his director Advait Chandan  hiding the fact that Secret Superstar is based on  the  experiences  of the Assamese reality-show contestant NahidAfrin  against whom  a fatwa was  passed by numerous Islamic organizations for singing in  public.

All hell had broken lose. But the adamant spunky girl stood her  ground and continued to sing.

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One  of  the guests who saw the  film in its first screening reveals, “It is definitely inspired by the story  of  that  Assamese girl who was pulled up by clerics for singing . She has been  turned into a Kashmiri girl played by Zaira Wasin .The Dangal girl is  brilliant as  a singing sensation who can’t be stopped by a music-loathing father. AamirKhan plays a loud flamboyant flirty music  director who encourages and supports her. He  is clearly modeled his character on Nadeem of Nadeem-Shravan.”

When questioned as to why the origins of the two protagonists’ identity were kept a secret the source says, “Probably to avoid copyright-infringement hassles.”

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