Why Is Deepika Padukone So Quiet About Her Marriage?

If  marriage is  really happening in Princess  Padukone’s province,and that too in November(if friends are  to be  believed) why is  there such an eerie silence over what would unarguably  be the  second-biggest celebrity-wedding  of the year…or maybe THE biggest,depending on whether  Ranveer-Deepika collectively  have more fans and equity  than Virat Kohli and Anushka Shetty.

But big  or  small, Ranveer and Anushka are  not telling.He,   because she doesn’t want it. And she  because….we don’t know! Why is Deepika hesitant about revealing her  marriage plans? Marriage plans toh  dur ki baat, she hasn’t even  acknowledged their relationship yet.

Is she  planning a two-in-one revelation where she  would come out with her love confession and her wedding plans simultaneously? As far as  perfect marriage scenarios  go, it can’t get any better than this. Ranveer  is totally and unconditionally committed to the relationship. Apparently  he has given his ladylove  a carte blanche as  to when she  wants the marriage to happen, how  she intends  to carry her  career forward after marriage,  when she wants to  start a family, and every other aspect of their marriage.

To put it  in a ‘knot’shell, anything that  Deepika wants, Ranveer is  okay with it.

A  very close friend  of the couple says, “It’s  literally Tum din ka agar raat kaho raat kahenge for Ranveer. You won’t find a more committed  boyfriend than Ranveer in this entertainment  industry. If he had  his way Ranveer would spin  Deepika around  the holy fire right now  without losing a moment .He wants Deepika and only Deepika as his wife and he wants to start a  family as soon as she’s ready.”

On top of this,  both the  families  of  the couple are  totally  in favour  of the alliance.  Apparently  Deepika’s and Ranveer’s mom began wedding-shopping months ago.

So  what  prevents her from acknowledging their relationship?

Not that  Deepika owes anyone any explanation. But  when you are a celebrity seen frequently   in public places  with another celebrity  then an explanation  is  in order.

From what one hears the wedding may eventually be  an intimate  affair with only close family and friends  of  the couple in attendance. From the  Hindi  film industry you will see  Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Arjun  Kapoor  and of course Ranbir Kapoor.I haven’t named any female invitee  because Deepika has no  female friends  in Bollywood and Ranveer wouldn’t dare invite any of his former girlfriends.

Except maybe one. Whether she  attends or not will depend entirely  on  Mr Kohli.

But Deepika had better hurry. Or her arch-rival Priyanka Chopra will beat her to the altar.

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