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Why Is Mission Mangal Not Getting Tax Exemption?



 In spite of  its blatant jingoism  , unabashed nationalism and a pronounced message on women’s empowerment—all powerful  tenets  of  the ruling government—why has Jagat Shakti’s Mission Mangal not being given tax exemption in any  state so far?

Apparently no one from the film’s producers’  Fox Star or Akshay Kumar , has even approached any  section of  PM Modi’s government  for an entertainment  tax exemption.

“As far  we can see  Mission Mangal  can very easily  get a entertainment-tax exemption in several states,as  it ticks all the politically correct  boxes. I don’t see anyone making an effort in that   direction. Fox-Star seems very busy  collecting the profits. Akshay who is a primary producer along with  director  R Balki, doesn’t want  to  be accused of currying favour from the Government,” says  the  source.

It’s a pity that this  jingoistic  entertainer is  not being made accessible to a  much larger  audience merely because  the  people behind it are  too lazy to try for a tax exemption.

Quite recently the Anand Kumar bio-pic Super  30 benefited  tremendously  from  acquiring  a tax exemption  from  several states.

One wonders why the Mission Mangal director Jagat Shakti has been completely  obliterated  from all the pre- and post-release  brouhaha accompanying Mission Mangal.Why is Jagat not beling allowed  to  celebrate the success of his directorial debut?Those from the film’s team who brag about giving women a front seat in Mission Mangal must explain why the director is being marginalized

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