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Why Is Rhea Trying To Malign Sushant’s family? Sushant Loved His Sisters To Death

The shocking and  disgusting  public statement  from Rhea Chakraborty about Sushant Singh Rajput’s  sister’s alleged misconduct would have  broken  Sushant’s heart.

 No matter what  Rhea has to say, I know for a fact that Sushant  doted on his  sisters.Whenever  he spoke about them  to me  or  to  others,  his voice would  soften and his tone would grow warm and  gentle.

To hear such cheap things  being said about  his darling sisters, Sushant would have   been  inconsolable.Not that anyone would dare to  speak this way about Sushant’s  family were he  still alive.

 I don’t think any person who ever  loved Sushant  would speak so  derogatorily about his family  just to create a defensive narrative  around herself. With this cheap and vilifying  public statement Rhea has  just proved her detractors  right.

 She  didn’t love Sushant .

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