Why Not Death Sentence?” Rakhi Sawant On Asaram’s Conviction

 “Hang Asifa’s Rapists And I’ll Vote  For  BJP For A Lifetime”

“I am very happy that Asaram has been punished…Der hi sahi lekin nyay  to hua..It sets a  very good example for all  potential sexual offenders  in the country , specially those who  think they are rich and powerful and can get away with violating our women and children. I want to thank Sri Narendra Modi, I want to thank the honourable Judge at  Jodhpur for putting the fear of God in potential  rapists,” says Ms Sawant  with a sprint in her  voice.

She wonders why Asaram was served  only life sentence. “But why not the death sentence  in this case?The girl is a  minor. Bachcheke saath jo aisa kare ussey maafi nahin milegi. No bail  , no life for child  rapists.”

   The Beti,feels Rakhi, really needs  to be  Bachao-ed.  “It has become very difficult for girls in Hindustan to walk on the roads, to hold their heads  high and  walk through life. Koi  dupatta kheenhta hai toh koi skirt kheenchta hai…Nowadays a girl   can’t even trust menfolk  in  their  own homes.When a respected figure like an  uncle or a  spiritual guru misbehaves with an  innocent  girl she is robbed  of something far more valuable than her virginity. She loses trust in mankind.”

 Rakhi says the spate of crime against women and children has created  an atmosphere of distrust between the  sexes. “Believe me Sir,  nowadays  I look at every man as  a potential  predator.Darr lagta hai mardon se.  Thanks  to the law which punishes powerful offenders  like Asaram some faith and  confidence in  reinstated in the girls  of India.Yes I am feeling  better, much better…”

However Rakhi Sawant won’t rest until  little Asifa gets justice. “Hindustan  ki beti ko nyay milni chahiye. Until Asifa’s rapists are rounded up and hanged no  girl child in India has reason  to feel safe. I urge  the  Government to hang Asifa’s rapists and  murderers. If this is done I will vote for the  BJP for the rest  of my life.”

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