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“Why Should Dhoni Retire When I Haven’t?” India’s Greatest Artiste Lata Mangeshkar Questions



The peerless Lata Mangeshkar who is now  approaching 90 says artistes  never  retire. 

“It  is not  something one switches on  or off. If you are dancer or a singer, you are one for all your life. it consumes  every breath of your  life, gives  you sense  of identity. What am I  today, if not s singer? I owe everything to the talent I have and the same  goes for  every  artiste. Nurture preserve and  respect  your talent. It is your gift from God,” says the  mighty Mangeshkar who started singing professionally when  she  was 12.

“It was  a necessity.  My father left us  when he was very young. I had a  mother and   four siblings  to look after.Main nikal padi(I began my  journey). I  never had to face many of the hardships and discomforts that  working  girls face. I consider myself very fortunate. The  ‘struggle’ that  you and  my  well-wishers  see was  nothing but signal from God  to work hard. Nothing comes easy in life,” says Lataji, who by the grace of God , is in good health even at 90, and far from retirement.

Says the Bharat Ratna and  recipient of  scores  of  awards  from the worldover. “Even today I feel  like  a student  of music . I  have so much to learn when I compare myself to great musicians of  our  country . Which is why I say, there is no retirement  for an artiste  until he or she lives.”

  Lataji cites  the  example of  the  indefatigable ‘B’  factor  of Bollywood. “Look at Bachchan Saab .At  75 he continues to be  one of the busiest actors  in  the  country.He is  an inspiration for  the entire nation. Which  is why I  feel so strongly about Dhoniji . He has so much more to give to cricket. Retirement  would be unfair not just to  him, but to his  fans and admirers and  younger generations that look up to him.”

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