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Why The Memes About Saif’s Fatherhood At 50?



Why The Memes About Saif’s Fatherhood At 50? 12

 Is  it so unusual for  someone to be  a father at  50  that memes based on Badhaai Ho are being circulated with gleeful wickedness?

Badhaai Ho, for those who came in late was the  sleeper  hit  of 2019  about a  man on the verge  of  retirement  and his  homemaker wife ,  announcing their parenthood at an age when they should  not be  thinking about procreation.Well, Saif and Kareena are.And what is wrong with that? The  one  biggest  impediment  to  late  parenthood is  the  child’s  financial security. I don’t think  SaiF and  Kareena’s  children, even  the unborn one,need  to  worry  about where the  next meal, or the  vacation in the Alps, is  coming from.

   I  must say I find it strange that Saif’s  late parenthood is  a matter of memes whereas for  Sanjay Dutt and  Akshay Kumar the same defiance of the  mythical biological  clock was  greeted with only  positivity.

The  important  thing is not the age at which a couple has child but how prepared are they  for  the  responsibility.Kareena and Saif  are  ready to take the  plunge again. All I can say  is, badhaai ho!And why mar their  happiness with unnecessary  bitching ?

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