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Will Alia Be Billed As A ‘Guest Star’ In RRR? Alia Speaks



The  buzz in Tollywood regarding  S S Rajamouli’s  RRR is  that  it’s an out-and-out men’s picture-show with very little room  or scope  for  the female characters.

Says a  source  in  the  know, “Unlike Baahubali where  Anushka Shetty and  Ramya Krishna had powerful roles in  spite of Prabhas and Rana Daggubati’s author-backed presence , in RRR  it’s  Ramcharan Teja  and  NTR Jr all the way.”

Alia, it seems was brought in because she  insisted  on  being a  part  of  the Baahubali director’s film.

Now it is being said Alia’s  presence  may be credited in the film’s titles as a ‘Guest Appearance’  in RRR, as she has just  one song and a few scenes .

When I  spoke to Alia who has played the central role  in  most if not all her  films so far , said she didn’t care about the length  of her  role in RRR. 

“After I was  launched by Karan Johar I had two dream directors on my wish list. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and  S  S Rajamouli.  I don’t care  about the length  of my role  in RRR. Just working with  him is enough. I’ve taken lessons in Telugu to  do this film. Can’t say I speak the beautiful language  like a native. But I am  trying.”

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